Dr. XiaoYu Wu is currently an assistant professor in the Department of Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering at University of Waterloo. His new website is here.

XiaoYu finished his position as postdoctoral associate in Reacting Gas Dynamics Lab, Center for Energy Propulsion Research, MIT in April 2020. He received his PhD degree in Department of Mechanical Engineering (Minor in Materials and Chemistry) at MIT in June 2017 under the supervision of Professor Ahmed F. Ghoniem. Prior to that, he received both his Bachelor and Master degrees in Energy Engineering in Zhejiang University, China. 

His research interests focus on developing novel sustainable energy conversion and chemical production technologies based on a fundamental understanding of the kinetics of these processes. Both experimental and numerical methods will be applied, and thermo-electro-chemical processes will be studied to maximize system versatility. The kinetics and reaction mechanisms can be obtained from high throughput benchtop reactors and physical models. System-scaled numerical analysis will be used to investigate the optimal operating conditions and the energy-chemical integration. Techno-economics analysis will also be explored to evaluate the costs. These findings will accelerate the material development and process optimization and facilitate the commercialization of these technologies. The goal is to utilize renewable resources and improve global living standards.

Examples are:

  1. Energy storage: oxygen permeation membranes supporting water/carbon splitting for hydrogen/syngas production at elevated temperatures (link, MIT News link).
  2. Hydrogen production: using coal gasification to produce high purity hydrogen with carbon capture (link)
  3. Value added chemicals from methane and CO2:
    • perovskite oxides replacing precious metal as catalysts for syngas/ethylene production from methane (link)
    • combining methanation and H2O/CO2 electrolysis in one reactor unit to achieve better efficiency (link)
  4. Thermal/chemical heat sinks: using supercritical kerosene nanofluids for regenerative cooling system in engines (link). 

Email: xiaoyu.wu ‘at’ uwaterloo.ca

LinkedIn: LINK

Google Scholar: Link


Latest News:

1. Xiao-Yu started his new job in the Department of Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering at University of Waterloo. He is looking for undergraduates, graduates, and visiting students. If you are interested in joining his group, please send him an email: xiaoyu.wu ‘at’ uwaterloo.ca

– 5.1.2020

2. Congratulations to Xiao-Yu and his colleagues for their new publication in the AIChE Journal. They studied the application of a H2S resistant oxygen permeable membrane reactor in integrated gasification combined cycle (IGCC) plant with carbon capture. Read the paper here: LINK

– 4.23.2020

3. We are hosting a research topic on “Sustainable hydrogen for energy, fuel and commodity applications” in the open access journal Frontiers in Energy Research. Submissions are open. Please check here!

– 12.13.2019