1.We are hosting a research topic on “Sustainable hydrogen for energy, fuel and commodity applications” in the open access journal Frontiers in Energy Research. Submissions are open. Please check here!

– 12.13.2019

2. XiaoYu’s co-authored paper titled “CeO2-promotion of NiAl2O4 reduction via CeAlO3 formation for efficient methane reforming” is accepted in the Journal of the Energy Institute. LINK

– 10.4.2019

3. XiaoYu gave an invited talk on advanced thermo-electro-chemical hydrogen production technologies in the 2019 World Fuel Cell Conference in Shanghai, China.

– 8.28.2019

4. XiaoYu is giving a seminar in Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH, Institute of Energy and Climate Research (IEK) on July 5. It is about the multi-scale studies on using oxygen permeable membrane reactor for high purity hydrogen production.

– 7.2.2019

5. XiaoYu will be joining the steering committee for the Engineering Sustainable Development 2019 Conference, which is co-organized by AIChE Institute of Sustainability and the Association of Pacific Rim Universities. The goal of the conference is to discuss technical and engineering challenges of addressing the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

– 6.12.2019

6. XiaoYu is giving an invited talk in the Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering at Concordia University in Montreal at 10:00 – 10:45 am  on June 10. The title of the talk is ‘Membrane-Supported H2O Reduction for Energy Storage and Chemical Production‘, and the location is Room EV2.184.

– 6.6.2019

7. XiaoYu is giving an invited talk in the Department of Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering at the University of Waterloo at 1 – 2 pm on May 15. The title of the talk is ‘Thermodynamics and Kinetics in Membrane-Supported H2O Reduction for Energy Storage and Chemical Production‘ and the location is E5 3052. Please join him if you are around!


8. Congratulations to XiaoYu and Professor Ghoniem! Their review paper on using mixed ionic and electronic conducting membranes for CO2 reduction is published on Progress in Energy and Combustion Science. You can download the paper for free here before June 25, 2019!

– 5.6.2019

9. XiaoYu is going to present a paper in the 14th International Conference on Catalysis in Membrane Reactors in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. The title of the paper is “Techno-economic study of H2 production from Membrane-supported H2O splitting and fuel-assisted H2O electrolysis.” Please say hi if you are around.

– 4.21.2019

10. XiaoYu and his peers published a letter to editor in Science, an essay on how being a first-generation college student inspires him to work on research topics that benefit humankind. LINK

– 4.4.2019

11. Congratulations to XiaoYu and his co-workers that their paper on membrane design and cost analysis is accepted for oral presentation in the Applied Energy Symposium (AEAB2019)!

– 3.18.2019

12. Two fun facts in March: The first one is that XiaoYu and his friend Affi were featured in a article for holding bacon: Link. The second one is that XiaoYu and his friends Chika and Daniel are having a radio show in (88.1 FM). It will start on March 17, and takes place every other Sunday at 2-3 pm. Please tune in!

– 3.3.2019

13. XiaoYu is giving a seminar in the Department of Mechanical Engineering in Villanova University on February 8. The title is “Solar-Fuel Productions: Membrane-Supported H2O/CO2 Thermochemical Reduction for Energy Storage“. The seminar is at 3:00 – 4:30 pm in Tolentine 305. Please join if you are around.

– 2.1.2019


1. XiaoYu is giving a short course “The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Challenges” during IAP at MIT on Jan 10 and 11. It will be a high level introduction of the SDGs! It will be fun and informational! For more information and sign up, please see here.

– 12.30.2018

2. XiaoYu is giving a seminar in the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science at the University of Pittsburgh from 11 am – 12 pm on October 30 in Benedum Hall 102. The title of his talk is “Solar-Fuel Productions: using Mixed Ionic-Electronic Conductive (MIEC) Membranes to Enhance H2O/CO2 thermochemical reduction“. LINK

– 09.28.2018

3. Congratulations to XiaoYu for his abstract is accepted as Oral Presentation in 2018 MRS Fall Meeting. The title is “Techno-Economic Analysis of Membrane-Supported H2O Splitting with CO2 capture” and the symposium is “ET14: Materials Science Facing Global Warming—Practical Solutions for Our Future”. Good luck!

– 8.20.2018

4. Congratulations to XiaoYu for his paper accepted for oral presentation in AIChE Annual Meeting in Pittsburgh. The title is “Technoeconomic Study of Advanced H2 Production Technologies: Membrane-Supported H2O Splitting, Thermochemical Redox H2O Splitting and Fuel-Assisted H2O Electrolysis“. He also has a poster presentation as a faculty candidate in the “Energy, Sustainability, & the Environment ” session.

– 7.12.2018

5. XiaoYu is giving an invited seminar in University of Pau in France on June 25. LINK


6. XiaoYu’s paper “CO2 reduction and methane partial oxidation on surface catalyzed La0.9Ca0.1FeO3-δ oxygen transport membranes” has been accepted for publication in the Proceedings of the Combustion Institute, vol. 37! Congratulations!

– 5.28.2018

7. Our membrane work is featured on the front page of Thank you for reporting our work. We are now investigating more options for the CO2 reduction to fuel, and upgrading cheap natural gas into value-added chemicals. I am excited about this!

– 4.26.2018

8. Congratulations to MIT European Club for winning the Institute Award – Outstanding Event Award! XiaoYu is proud to be part of the board member in the club. MIT NEWS

– 4.23.2018

9. XiaoYu’s paper “CO2-to-fuel and methane partial oxidation – Process intensification on surface catalyzed La0.9Ca0.1FeO3-δ oxygen ion transport membranes” is accepted for oral presentation in the 37th International Symposium on Combustion. The symposium accepts high quality papers related with combustion science for oral presentations. Congratulations!

– 3.26.2018

10. Congratulations to XiaoYu for his abstract being accepted for oral presentation in the 15th international conference on inorganic membranes. His presentation title is “Co-splitting H2O and CO2 on a surface catalyzed oxygen permeable membrane reactor“. Good luck to him!

 – 2.15.2018

11. Our membrane team is featured in the MIT 24-hour challenge promotion video. It is the spirit of collaboration that helps us solve the big problems! We thank all our collaborators!

– 2.14.2018

12. XiaoYu’s coauthored paper on integrated solid oxide electrolysis cell – methanation reactor is accepted to be published in Applied Energy! Congratulations to them all!

The paper is free to download until April 11 through this link. Enjoy!

– 2.7.2018


1. XiaoYu’s paper is submitted to 37th International Symposium on Combustion. The symposium accepts the very high quality papers related with combustion science. Good luck to him!

– 11.30.2017

2. Xiaoyu’s work on membrane-supported CO2 reduction to fuel is featured in MIT News! Congratulations! News link

The related paper is available to download for free here, thanks to MIT Open Access Policy.

– 11.28.2017

3. XiaoYu’s coauthored paper on integrated solid oxide electrolysis cell – methanation reactor is submitted to Applied Energy! Good luck to them!

– 11.7.2017

4. Congratulations to XiaoYu! His newest paper on CO2 thermochemical reduction on oxygen permeation membranes are accepted by ChemSusChemLINK

– 11.3.2017

5. Congratulations to XiaoYu’s poster is Honorable Mention in the Mechanical Engineering Research Exhibition at MIT. News

– 9.28.2017

6. Congratulations to XiaoYu that his presentation is accepted in 2017 MRS Fall Meeting in Boston. The title is Kinetics and Material Stability for Membrane-Supported H2O/CO2 Splitting

– 8.30.2017

7. XiaoYu’s paper and poster are accepted in 2017 AIChE Annual Meeting in Minneapolis. Good luck!

– 7.14.2017

8. XiaoYu is mentioned in MIT news with his fellow colleagues in MIT Euro Club for their efforts in fostering cross-cultural collaborations between the Institute and Europe.

– 6.21.2017

9. Congratulations to XiaoYu for winning NSF travel grant to the 13th international conference On Catalysis in Membrane Reactors in Houston on July 10-13.

– 6.21.2017

10. Xiao-Yu starts a postdoc position in Professor Ghoniem’s group at MIT, in collaboration with Professor Professor Yildiz. In his postdoc project, Xiao-Yu will study and analyze different hydrogen production technologies for energy storage and value-added chemical production.

– 6.1.2017

11. Congratulations to Xiao-Yu for his successful defense! Good luck with future work!

– 5.11.2017

12. Congratulations to XiaoYu that his presentations are accepted  on the 13th international conference On Catalysis in Membrane Reactors in Atlanta. He will be presenting his researches on membrane supported CO2 splitting and H2O splitting for syngas production/energy storage. LINK

– 4.2.2017

13. XiaoYu wins the MIT-France Travel Fellowship for 2017 Marseille Winterschool Multiscale Porous Materials. This year, the Winterschool focuses on the application of porous materials on carbon capture and sequestration. Congratulations!

– 1.23.2017


1. XiaoYu is planning to graduate this year. And now he is looking for academic positions in general. And his profile is now on MIT Engineering School Website: Link Best of luck to him!

– 9.21.2016

2. Congratulations to XiaoYu that his paper is accepted to publish in AIChE Journal, a chemical engineering focused journal in John Wiley & Sons, Inc. This paper is an invited contribution to the “Best Paper” initiative in AIChE Journal. LINK

– 9.21.2016

3. Congratulations to XiaoYu that two of his abstracts are accepted for oral presentations in 2016 MRS Fall Meeting & Exhibit, Boston! Well done and good luck! LINK

– 8.25.2016

4. Congratulations to XiaoYu that both his presentation and poster are accepted at the 2016 AIChE Annual Meeting!

– 7.14.2016

5. XiaoYu will be the TA for course “2.006 Thermal-Fluids Engineering II“. It is a core subject for mechanical engineers focusing on the application of the principles of thermodynamics, heat transfer, and fluid mechanics. Course link. Good luck and enjoy!


6. Congratulations to XiaoYu for winning the NSF Travel Support Award for in the 14th International Conference on Inorganic Membranes (2016). He is presenting his research on enhanced hydrogen production by oxygen permeable membranes on July 12. Best of luck to him!


7. Congratulations to XiaoYu for winning the photo contest in Tang Hall, MIT. The photo is “Rainy Days 所有下雨天”.

rainy days – 5.23.2016

8. XiaoYu is having a seminar in Center for Energy and Propulsion Research, MIT. The title is “Solar-Fuels from Water: Dream or Reality?“. The time and location is Wednesday, May 4, 2016, 4:15–5:00 p.m. , 3-333.

– 4.29.2016

9. Congratulations that MIT European Club receive the Golden Beaver Award –  Institute award for excellence in leadership from MIT. XiaoYu is pleased to serve as one of the board members in the club! MIT NEWS

– 4.25.206

10. XiaoYu is having a poster presentation “Water to Fuel: Using Sun and Ceramics” at MIT2016 Frontiers Symposium on April 12. Register here!

– 4.6.2016

11. XiaoYu is presenting his research “Enhanced hydrogen production from water thermolysis on an oxygen permeable membrane: The role of sweep surface reactions” in the 14th International Conference on Inorganic Membranes (2016) on July 10-13 in Atlanta. ICIM Link

– 3.31.2016

12. Congratulations to XiaoYu for winning the “Best Presentation” award in the 2015 AIChE Annual Meeting. His presentation is available at Link.

– 2.24.2016

13. XiaoYu is the TA for course “2.60/2.62/10.390 Fundamental of Advanced Energy Conversion“. Course Link

– 2.1.2016

14. The recording of XiaoYu’s presentation in AIChE 2015 Annual Conference is available now. Link



1. XiaoYu is presenting a poster at MIT Energy Night, 6-10 pm, Oct 16, 2015. The tile is “Solar to Hydrogen: How does a membrane reactor enhance hydrogen production from water?”


2. Congratulations to Xiao-Yu for winning the Audience Award in MIT Mechanical Engineering Research Exhibition Poster session. News link and Poster


3. Xiao-Yu will be a TA for Course 2.051 Introduction to Heat Transfer this Fall. He is looking forwards to that.


4. Congratulations to Xiao-Yu being selected as the MISTI-MITEI fellow for the summer 2015! Good luck with his work in Germany!


5. Xiao-Yu joined the board of MIT European Club as the Treasurer. Good luck to him and have fun!


6. Xiao-Yu is going to give a talk in CEPR/RGD Seminar Serious at MIT on April 29, 2015 @ 4:15 p.m. in 3-333. The title of the talk is “How can MIEC Membranes Facilitate Hydrogen Production from Water Thermolysis?” Good luck to him!


7. Xiao-Yu will be doing an internship in Bosch Thermotechnology in Stuttgart, Germany from June to August 2015. Good luck to him!


8. Congratulations to Xiao-Yu! The paper X.Y. Wu, L. Chang, M. Uddi, P. Kirchen, A.F. Ghoniem, “Toward enhanced hydrogen generation from water using oxygen permeating LCF membranes”, is accepted in Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, a RCS journal. And it is available here.


9. Congratulations to Xiao-Yu for joining the Climate CoLab Impact Assessment Fellows! News Link

                                                                                                                           – 3.4.2015

10. Xiao-Yu becomes the service co-chair for Graduate Association of Mechanical Engineering (GAME). Good luck to him!

                                                                                                                           – 2.17.2015

11. Congratulations to Xiao-Yu! His coauthored paper: D. Huang, X. Y. Wu, Z. Wu, H. T. Zhu, W. Li, B. Sunden, Experimental Studies on Heat Transfer of Nanofluids in a Vertical tube at Supercritical Pressures, is accepted to be published in International Communications in Heat and Mass Transfer, an Elsevier journal. And it’s available here.

                                                                                                                            – 1.27.2015


1. Congratulations to Xiaoyu! His co-authored paper “Experimental study on heat transfer of aviation kerosene in a vertical upward tube at supercritical pressures” is now available on ScienceDirect! LINK


2. Congratulations to Xiaoyu! He is awarded the Public Service Award (2014) by Graduate Association of Mechanical Engineering!


3. Xiaoyu is taking Electronic Materials Design and Crystallization Sci & Tech in Fall.


4. Xiaoyu has finished his first thesis committee meeting! Congratulations to him!


5. Xiaoyu is taking Advanced Energy Conversion and Complex Oxides in Spring.



1. Xiaoyu is taking Combustion and Chemical Reaction Pathways in Fall.


2. Congratulations to Xiaoyu for passing his qualify exam at MIT. And he will begin thinking of his PhD proposal now.